Facilities & Water Supply

LBB Dam Update

30 Years of Operation for the Lookout Mountain Water District in 2018

The District turned 30 in 2018!  We celebrated the retiring of debt associated with building the treatment facility, improving the dams, building a million-gallon storage reservoir, and improving sections of main water pipe.  We’ve had some ups and downs and have survived some extremely tough years of drought.

Upper Beaver Brook Dam and Reservoir

This 395-acre-foot reservoir is the primary water supply to over 500 homes and businesses, as well as Clear Creek High School/Clear Creek Middle School, Evergreen Fire, Foothills Fire, Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum, Chief Hosa Campground, etc. For safety and water quality, access to the dam is closed and the reservoir is off-limits for bodily contact.  Let’s keep the water clean!  Let’s keep the forest fire-free!