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LMWD Policies, Rules & Regulations and Board of Directors Policy Manual

Clarification to "Collection of Amounts Due" Policy

The following is a clarification of the current collection policy, not a change, but we are including it here (as well as in the November & December 2021 newsletters). The main clarification is that late fees are applied to accounts that are not PAID IN FULL monthly, unless the customer is on an approved payment plan.

4.2 Collection of Amounts Due.

4.2.1 Payment Due Date. Water bills shall be payable upon receipt and no later than the bill’s "due date," which is generally between the 20th and the end of the month following the month of the billing date. Current Amounts Due. Timeliness of payment shall be evaluated based on postmark or the date received in person by the Administrator. Delinquent Amounts Due. Payment of delinquent amounts due, including late fees, shall be deemed to have been made in time to avert issuance of a shutoff notice or lien placement if received by mail or in person by the Administrator, no later than 3:00 p.m. on the 15th day of the month following the due date.

4.2.2 Returned Checks or Payments. No attempt shall be made to redeposit dishonored or returned checks or payments, including electronic payments made by Automatic Payment Service (APS). The customer’s account will be charged for the amount of the check which had been previously posted to the account and for a returned payment handling fee as specified in the schedule of rates and fees. It is likely that said charges may place the account in delinquent status.

4.2.3 Late Payment Fees. Late payment fees, as specified in the accompanying schedule of rates and fees, shall be charged to accounts not paid in full, including any prior and delinquent amounts, following the due date. Partial payments (e.g., paying only current usage if there is a prior balance), unless previously authorized, are subject to a late fee until the full balance owed is paid. If payments are made according to a payment plan set up with the Office Manager or Administrator, late fees will not be charged.

Lien Filing Policy Enforcement

Related to this is a policy we will be enforcing beginning in December 2021. For accounts that have a significant past due amount with no efforts being made to make payments, we will evaluate placing a lien on your property or certifying amounts due to be collected with property taxes in accordance with Section 4.2.6. If you have set up a payment plan with the Office Manager and stay current with it, we will not move forward with these next steps to collect on your account.

4.2.6 Lien Filing on Property for Non-payment. In the event that billing charges remain unpaid and/or fees continue to accrue for 6 months or more, at the Administrator’s discretion, a lien shall be filed against the property and the Tap Owner shall be subject to a fee as specified in the Schedule of Rates and Fees. If you are affected by this policy, you will be notified by regular mail before the lien process commences.

Alternatively, amounts due may be certified with Jefferson County to be collected with property taxes for the property associated with the service address.