Billing and Water Rates & Fees

Lookout Mountain Water District customers are billed at the end of each month and payment is due by the 24th of the following month.  If you did not receive your monthly bill, please request a copy and the amount due by emailing or calling the office at (303) 526-2025. Be sure you still make a payment. If your automatic or other payment method does not work, you are still responsible to pay the bill by the due date.

Please visit Payment Options to learn how to access your account online, obtain the remittance address, how to get set up on ACH (automatically withdrawing your bill amount from your checking account), or make auto-payments, e-payments or credit card payments.

You can view your utility account information on UtilityTrakR, our utility account and payment portal. Further instructions will be provided when you get to the UtilityTrakR portal.

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Leak Allowance Procedure

If your high bill is a result of a leak that you have repaired, you may be eligible to apply for an allowance, subject to procedures and timely application. (Effective March 2019: an allowance, if granted, will NOT EXCEED $1,000.)

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