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Customer Service

Billing and Payment Overview

The District accepts many payment types. Whichever payment option(s) a customer chooses, a monthly bill will be sent so that you may review your charges in advance of making any type of payment.  

Bills will be mailed or emailed on or near the 1st of the month (depending on when the 1st falls in the week) and are due on the 24th of that month. You can also set up an account to view current and previous account details and activity through our UtilityTrakR online portal (requires secure set-up), even if you don't want to pay your bill from the portal.

In the online portal, customers can request that their bills be sent the following ways:

  1. Email
  2. Paper (via regular mail)
  3. BOTH email and paper.

To set your bill delivery preference, once you are logged in to the UtilityTrakR online portal, click "Account Settings" and then select "eBill" from the left menu. Your current selection will be shown in the middle, and then click the On/Off toggle on the right to be able to select one of the other options. Click "Update" and you're set!

eBill Options

If you prefer, you can just email or call the office (303-526-2025) and we can make the change for you.

Explore Available Payment Options

Email or call the Office Manager (303-526-2025) to set or change your bill receipt preference.

Customers’ obligation to pay the bill exists regardless of payment or billing arrangements.

No payment method is “fool-proof”, and each has its inherent risks of fraud, loss, theft, late delivery, or error.