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Lookout Mountain Water District

District Office:
(303) 526-2025

Emergency (ORC Water Professionals):
(720) 287-0605 (press 1)


Government Agencies (related to special districts)
Water Quality & Water Safety
Water Conservation
Planning, Weather, Streamflows, Drought
Special Districts (Overlapping and Neighboring)
Local Interest & Local Resources
County & State Government


March 29, 2023
ALL 2023 water quality reports are available on the Water Quality Reports page (under the Publications & Records tab).
January 20, 2023
Normally, after completion of repairs to laterals and/or mains, we try to flush the water mains in your area. However, you should note the following after water outages and line breaks:
January 3, 2023
The 2023 Transparency Notice is now available.

LMWD Team Photo

LMWD Team Photo

Back Row, Left to Right:  Kyle Schroeder (Board), Dean Snyder (Board), Steve Swain (Board), Bob Heine (Board)
Front Row, Left to Right:  Nickie Holder (Administrator), Barb Nevins (Board), Will Raatz (Engineer), Dylan Woods (Attorney)