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News Article

System Outage - Wednesday, 12/6

Construction to install an isolation valve at the entrance to the Cody Park lateral will require a water shut-down on Wednesday, 12/6. This includes almost all of the water district, with the exception of Evergreen properties and those on the Rockland Mutual lateral. This installation is vital to avoid future shut-downs due to breaks on this lateral line.

Take Control of Your Water Usage Today!

Would you like to see your water usage any time you want?  Worried you used too much water on your lawn yesterday? You can be in control of all of your water usage at a glance with the simple addition of an Orion Cellular LTE-M Transponder to your meter and signing up for EyeOnWater on the web or on the app. Watch this video to see what you're missing! The prepaid cost is $375 and includes installation! Email Nancy for details if you are interested.